The secret to giving the best presentation

Published: 08th April 2009
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When we think of giving the best presentation are minds wonder back to all those presentations we have been part of. This could even be we way we respected a certain school teacher for being an amazing speaker. The guy that was never afraid to say what he thought embraced the attention and lapped it up. With speaking we could say that some have the gift and others simply don't. Look back at that wedding you attended were the father of the bride gave this truly amazing speech that everyone cheered at. Then straight after this the very shy groom had his turn and you instantly knew he wanted to cry. He wouldn't have ever given a speech before and was dreading every single second. Obviously it wouldn't have been that good but that's the point you don't have to be the best just as long as you make the effort and have the audiences love.

Whether you have given a thousand presentations or just the one it is a talent in life that we all need to possess whether we do one a year or one a day. Also with every skill we have there is always a level of improvement that can be reached.

I therefore want to talk to you about the most important part of giving a quality presentation:

"Have a point and make it"

This is the absolute backbone of giving a quality presentation. Think of it as a target something to work to before the end of your speech. It is the worst thing in the world if you have a point to make and after 15 minutes and the end of your speech you have failed to do so. The audience will be less than pleased if by the end of your time you haven't included the key information that they are expecting.

Once you have planned your key point you should set out your beginning and end to make sure it flows all the way through. You should also talk about what you planned to discuss as you would be amazed how many people fail on this and end up going off subject with their presentation.

With this one skill you can be on your way to creating an amazing presentation without the need to worry. If you have got to a certain age without giving one you will eventually.

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