5 Simple Offline Marketing Methods For You To Follow

Published: 12th June 2009
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If you own and operate an online business, it would be quite myopic to exclusively focus on online marketing methods to promote your enterprise. Granted that the World Wide Web is home to some amazing and cost-effective ways that can help spread the word about your business, the World Wide Web remains as just one avenue for you to exploit. There is a more promising avenue that has been neglected since the advent of the internet.

This is the offline market.

Below are 5 simple but highly effective offline marketing methods that you can implement for your online business.

1. Distributing items that prominently display your URL. Coffee mugs, caps, shirts, and even bumper stickers. Surely, you've seen such items that displayed a particular URL, right? Can you remember how intrigued you were when you encountered them? Perhaps you may still remember the URL you saw back then? Such is the power of this method.

2. Distributing media kits for the press people. Press people are always on the lookout for things to write about. Make things easy for them by distributing press kits that consist of: an expertly written press release about your company or about an event that affects your company, a profile of your business, a list of prominent clients/customers, a list of awards received, your complete product line, and other similar details.

3. Conducting seminars, symposiums and workshops. What better way to promote your website - something that is often viewed with the negativity caused by the prevalent anonymity on the internet - than by providing the public with the face of your business: yours. By making yourself visible and displaying your expertise in events that call for the same, such as seminars, symposiums and workshops related to the field you are concentrating on, you'll be able to build your name in the industry, and consequently, you will be able to build the brand of your business.

4. Advertise in your dailies and magazines. Yes, it will cost some money, but advertising on print publications is not as expensive as it may initially seem to most folks. You don't need full page ads or double-paged spreads. You won't even need a quarter of a page. You will need an eighth of a page at the most. Based on experience, the best type of print ad that you can run is a simple display of your website's URL. Imagine white font on black background and you'll see how such an ad will stand out. Because of the dearth in details, people will be intrigued and they will log online to check out your site to see what it's about.

5. Sponsor charity events. Most of these events will prominently display their sponsors' logos on the advertising materials they will use. Instead of your business' logo, ask that your website's URL be displayed instead. The exposure your link will receive via this method can potentially be immense. Imagine a charitable event on a national, if not a global, scale, and you will begin to imagine the sheer potency of this technique in action.

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